The Mechanics assistant.

Ask a question. Hear the answer.
No interruptions.

Easy to use Advanced AI
for your workshop  

Put in your earphones.
Ask questions. Get answers.
Ask her to do things. Get results.
Keep your gloves on.


Torque Settings  
Wiring Diagrams
Error Codes


Estimated job times
Record working time
Required parts


Fitting instructions


E-mail or SMS  quotes
E-mail or SMS  invoices
Record and share job notes
Add photos


Click on “Ask Dynamo”. 
Allow your browser to access your microphone. 
Ask your question and click “Send question”.

For example, ask her
“what does error code P200 mean” or
“which engine oil do I need” or
“how much engine oil do I need” or
“show me the OBD port” or
"show me the battery location" or
"show me the cabin filter".

This demo version of Dynamo isn't as smart as the real version. Vehicles are generated randomly, she doesn’t know about torque settings, she doesn’t know what you’re working on and she can’t see what’s in inventory or prepare invoices for you. If you want to see what she's really capable of, sign up for early access and we’ll contact you when she’s ready.

Dynamo's data partner is:

Still in training

See the difference

Dont just get answers,

Take action

Free your Mechanics

Dynamo can decode error messages and provide torque settings. She can send you wiring diagrams and parts fitting guides. Her mission is to banish all the things that get in the way of getting the job done.

Ask About Error codes

Error code PO200 means there is a problem with the fuel injectors. Even if there is no exact match, Dynamo will let you know there is a similar code.

Find diagrams and guides

Let Dynamo know what you want and she will send it to you. You can see diagrams on your tablet or phone without leaving the ramp.

Ask about fluid levels

Dynamo knows what vehicle you’re working on and can tell you how much fluid you need for each task.

Record working time

Let Dynamo know when you start work on a task, when you are paused and when you are done. If something will take longer, Dynamo can add a note to the task for you.

Check inventory

This job needs 7.5 litres of 5w40 fully synthetic oil. Dynamo can check how much you have in stock, and let you know if you have enough.

What’s next?

Dynamo briefs you on the next job whilst you are finishing this one.

Add notes

Need to share some information with your customer or garage manager? Ask dynamo to add a comment or note to the task. Its that easy.

Run your office without
removing your gloves

In addition to everything Dynamo can do for mechanics, garage owners can run the office by voice control.

Contact customers

Need to ask a customer to approve more work? Tell Dynamo. She will message the customer for you, and read you their reply. This feature can be restricted to specific team members.

Send invoices

Finished work on this job? Dynamo can generate the invoice and send it to the customer for you. She can confirm the tasks, contents and amounts whilst you carry on working on the next job. This feature can be restricted to specific team members.

Reschedule work  

Task taking longer than planned? Let Dynamo know and she will extend the planned time and let you know if this creates any conflicts. This feature can be restricted to specific team members.

Dynamo runs on WERK8

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